Unidentified Kung Fu Guy (KFG)

The purpose of this site is to provide a brief summary of the notorious 'Jesus Taught Me' video that has recently circulated around the Internet. The video was posted by Bobby Joe Blythe to his YouTube channel[1] on April 1st, 2009 and was allegedly recorded on December 13th, 1984 in Dumfries, Virginia. It shows a fight between Willie J Dennis, one of Blythe's black belt students, and an unidentified man (pictured to the left) that had entered Blythe's karate dojo. The victim claimed to be a "10th degree red belt", awarded to him by Jesus and wanted to demonstrate some skills to Blythe and his students[2].

The six minute video shows the victim and Dennis trading blows until Dennis gets knocked to the ground. At this point, the fight turns more frantic and despite the victim trying to end it, he's pushed into fighting Dennis until he falls on the floor. Dennis then knocks the victim against a metal pole and stomps on his head and neck twice, resulting in the victim laying a pool of blood. He's then dragged out of the back door at the request of Blythe.

More background information leading to the distribution of the video can be found on the 'Jesus Taught Me' Video page and we've also compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

The rest of this story is based on various sources from around the Internet and should be read with a degree of skepticism. Only the law enforcement agencies involved can gather evidence and establish the facts, everything else is simply information or conjecture.

The Prologue

The victim was a vagrant, living in the woods near Blythe's dojo in Dumfries, Virginia[3][4]. He was known to local police and had been a nuisance to a number of local businesses that day by stealing food from the Pizza Hut and reaching into customer's purses at the local drug store[5]. The victim then walked into the local Napa Auto Parts store and mentioned to the staff that he was going to walk into the dojo across the road and offer to teach. Even though the employees advised him not to do that, he went ahead and entered the dojo, Blythe's Shindokan Karate Studio[6], in the Dumfries Shopping Center, which is no longer there today[7].

There was a class in progress at the time but Blythe asked the attending junior students to leave the room and only the black belts to remain[8].

It's at this point that the video camera is started.

This video is rated:

For extreme violence, gore and language.

The Epilogue

When Blythe posted the video to his YouTube channel he suggested the victim died - "Never get stupid with a Marine, you could get jacked up and have your clock stopped" and then added that "YES, there is a GOD". A YouTube user asked what happened to KFG and Blythe back-tracked a little and said he was "in Salem, VA in the mental lockup there" the last he heard and that "the cops pulled him out of the dumpster behind the dojo"[9].

As more disparaging comments were added, it became obvious that Blythe's YouTube channel wasn't as private as he thought[10] and the video was quickly passed around the Internet. Blythe then started removing his online accounts[1] and photographs but not before Bullshido[11] started to investigate the video.

Prince William County police are investigating the case and are currently seeking information on the identity of KFG and any other witnesses or victims related to Blythe's dojo[12]. Anybody with information is asked to call Prince William Crime Solvers directly on (703) 670 3700.

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How To Help

The current priority is identifying Kung Fu Guy, to do this we need people within the Dumfries area to hand out and post the flyer.


More information about the background to this video and how it became so widespread can be found on the 'Jesus Taught Me' video page.

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