Bobby Joe Blythe

AKA Bobby J Blythe

Please note that the information below is based entirely on Internet sleuthing so it should be read with a degree of skepticism.

Bobby Joe Blythe (born July 22nd, 1946*) is a former marine, karate instructor and certified flight instructor currently residing in Hanford, California, USA.

Blythe gained notoriety after uploading a potentially incriminating video, titled "Jesus Taught Me", to his YouTube channel. Apparently filmed in December 1984, the video depicts one of his then students, Willie J Dennis, assaulting an unidentified man, beating him unconscious and stomping on the his head. The victim clearly states that he does not want to fight but merely wishes to demonstrate his skills. The graphic video ends with the unidentified man lying unconscious with blood pooling around his head before Blythe instructs the watching students to "drag him out the back door".

Criminal History

It appears that there were two (or three) felony charges laid against Blythe in Arkansas; two that were dismissed and another where the prosecutor chose not to pursue the case due to a lack of evidence or public interest. Blythe pleaded 'not guilty' to all three charges[1].

  • Docket # 22 1994 174 - October 19th, 1994 - §5-37-302 (Class B) Knowingly writing a false check for more than $2,500. Nol prossed, i.e. prosecutor decided not to pursue.[2][3]
  • Docket # 22 1995 98 - June 28th, 1995 - §5-37-302 (Class C) Knowingly writing a false check for between $200 and $2,500. Dismissed.[4][5]
  • §5-36-103 (Class C) Theft of property less than $2,500. Dismissed.[6] (only half of the charge sheet has been posted online)

On August 3rd, 1995, he was charged with 'conspiracy to distribute marijuana' in South Carolina, with five other men but it appears this charge was dropped and a 'failure to appear' charge was made against him June 1st, 2000 where he was committed to FCI Butner, North Carolina for a period of 57 months. Upon his release, the judge stated that he should then be placed on supervised release for three years and enter a program of testing and treatment for drug abuse[7]. He was released March 29th, 2002 (22 months later)[8].

Crop Duster Crash

On October 13th or 14th, 2003 Blythe was seriously injured after crashing a crop duster he was flying into a cotton field west of 24th Ave, near Elgin Ave. He was transported by air to a Fresno hospital and required 9 or 10 surgeries[9]. The plane belonged to Machado Dusters of Lemoore, California and crashed due to improper maintenance. Blythe said, "The hardware should have been replaced when you go from a short stick to a long stick and this wasn't done"[9]. The crash was reported on the front page of The Sentinel, Hanford's local newspaper.

Note: The date of the crash was established from the EXIF data in the two crash photographs, which were taken on October 14th, 2003 and the hospital photograph which was also taken on October 14th, 2003. The partial sports headline on The Sentinel's front page refers to the Sunday, October 12th, 2003 NFL game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers, which Seattle won 20-19 due to a missed extra point in the third quarter[10].

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*Note: Public sources for this information are known and will be published when the research for this page has been completed.